RITUAL. Prayer is ritual. Community care is ritual. Expression is rital. Bathing is ritual. Silence is ritual. Enter into this collective ritual with us this week as we explore our individual selves and each other through multi-disciplinary community art making and art witnessing. Join us in  deconstructing and healing the harm caused by organized religion. Come as you are, and practice this ritual.

An illustration of a brown skinned angel with curly dark hair, sitting on one of the fluffy white clouds.

12:00 pm CST

Community Prayer List

6:30 pm CST

Discussing Divinity with Tati Rodriguez 


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12:00 pm CST

Clothed in Righteousness


6:30 pm CST

Community Tarot Reading with Jasmine Barber


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12:00 pm CST

Altar Building Workshop with Talia K. Wright 


7:30 pm CST

Manifesto Writing Workshop with Jasmine Barber 


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An illustration of a light skinned angel with curly dark hair, flying next to one of the fluffy white clouds.

12:00 PM CST

Exquisite Scripture


6:30 PM CST

Intro to Ethical Herbalism with Mariah Emerson


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An illustration of a brown skinned angel with curly dark hair, sitting on one of the fluffy white clouds stands in for an artist photo.

7:30 PM CST

Divine Film

followed by Artist Testimonies


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Floating on the page there are illustrated fluffy white clouds with grey spots.


DIVINE is a collective facilitating conversations of divinity, religion, spirituality, relationships with the church, and a lack thereof from a critical queer, trans, BIPOC lens. This project aims to have more nuanced dialogue about religion and other spiritual practices.

DIVINE’s mission is to deconstruct and heal the harm caused by organized religion, using curatorial practices, community building, and dialogue centered in ancestral traditions in addition to reclaiming spiritual practices from organized religion. 



A brown-skinned nonbinary Mexican-American person is looking straight ahead with a neutral expression on their face. The person is at a close distance from you. They have long smooth black hair and dark brown eyes. They are wearing a light blue t-shirt and standing in front of a solid white background.

Sebastian Olayo (also known as Cindy Nero) is a nonbinary, queer, Mexican-American writer and performer based in Chicago, IL. They received a B.A in General Theater from Columbia College Chicago and have recently graduated from the Black Box Acting Studio’s 2019 Academy. They aim to use theatre and their drag practice to explore themes of gender fluidity, sexuality, self love, divinity, and world building. Sebastian’s writing centers around divinity, queer rage and their healing practice, all stemming from trauma surrounding identity, the body, and religion. 

A brown-skinned Black person with a very short haircut is standing in front of a light blue wall that has two canvases on it covered in pages from a bible and the Qaran. The person has one arm folded against their chest with the arm folded up with their hand visible, in a relaxed pose. The person is wearing a red turtleneck under a very dark wash denim jacket. One of their earrings is two silver-colored circles linked together, while the other earring is one circle with two safety pins hanging from it. The person is wearing brownish-red eyeshadow on their top lid and on the outer lining of their under-eye. They are wearing a metallic blue eyeshadow on the inner corner of their eye. Their lipstick is a dark grey color with blue undertones.

Ry Douglas is a Chicago-based space maker from Detroit. They are a museum professional with a primary focus in community engagement and public programs. They obtained their BA in Arts Management with a minor in Black World Studies from Columbia College Chicago. They are currently working towards their MA in Museum & Exhibition Studies at University of Illinois at Chicago. Influenced by their upbringing in the Black church, they are interested in creating consistent gathering spaces with a balance of idea sharing, fellowship, and tangible action and resources. They use their knowledge and placement in the arts industry to create more spaces that are community-led and community-accountable.


For a full list of artists involved with DIVINE’s 

Hot Wheelz Residency 

Angel and cloud illustrations for DIVINE were created by Alexiss Villagomez.