Divine Artist Bios

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Contributing Artists 

A brown-skinned Afro-Latina person with very short black hair is looking straight ahead at you. Their chin is tilted slightly upward and their lips have a glossy shine. The person is wearing glasses with round frames that have a brown tortoise shell pattern. They are wearing a black turtleneck and are in front of a white wall.

Tati Rodriguez

(Discussing Divinity Episode)


Tati Rodriguez, creatively known as Honeyshot, is an Afro-Latina writer and performance artist from Chicago. Her professional background includes network television screenwriting, independent film programming, editorial work, and magazine publishing. She is currently an Editor for @pestcontrolmag , an independent arts and literary publication she co-founded this past August. She will complete her BA in Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago in December 2020. A well-rounded storyteller, her work consistently centers queerness, Blackness, and Afro-Latinx identities through a joyfully nonlinear and spiritually resistant lens.

A non-binary Latinx person with a neutral expression on their face is looking straight at you from a very close distance. Their hair is pulled back with a black bandana with a few long black curls of hair pulled out and hanging over their forehead. They have blue eyes and are wearing a gold nose ring, gold hoop earrings, and a thin gold chain necklace with a circular charm hanging off the center of it. The person is wearing a black blouse with an off white colored dragon pattern on it. They are in front of a gray wall with green undertones.

Zullay Orozco

(Clothed in Righteousness and Divine Short Film)

Zullay Orozco (she/they) is a queer, non-binary, latinx, multi-disciplinary artist from Chicago. As a photographer, with a B.A. in Fashion Photography from Columbia College Chicago, they are now focusing on photo projects that are close to their heart and figuring out what that looks like everyday. Watching their mother, a beautician, come up with looks before work and also attend school for fashion design is what drove their love for fashion as a child. Whether it’s putting together color combinations or the pattern clashing they fuse into their everyday style choices, Zullay is always gonna dress. Inspired by their mom, their queer community, and babies, they hope to encourage others to take risks in fashion and style themselves however they see fit.


Zullay also co-owns @shopbabymilk where they create your favorite kitschy earrings to top off your look!

A brown-skinned Black person with long dark green braids is in a dimly lit room. The area behind them is out of focus so you can only see what appears to be a brown wall and maybe a window up top. You are so close to them that you can only see their face and they have a neutral expression. The person is looking up and off to the side so that only the side of their face is visible. There’s a soft light reflecting off of their lips, cheek, and eyebrow bone. They are wearing a small nose ring and a large hoop earring.

Jasmine Barber

(Community Tarot Reading & Manifesto Writing Workshop)


Jasmine A Barber, also known as the rapper J Bambii, is an artist, educator, tarot reader, and cartoon-lover from the Southside of Chicago. She is the founder and creator of The Brown Skin Lady Show & the community healing initiative called “Come Together”. Jasmine has also released a tape called “RETROGRADE” under her alias. She is currently working on another body of music & more community focused events.

A brown-skinned Black person with long red braided hair is standing on the sidewalk under a street underpass structure. Their body is facing towards you and their eyes are looking straight ahead. They are wearing a white knit beanie and an oversized light brown trench coat that’s opened up. You can see that under their coat they’re wearing a cropped black tank top and black jeans with a black belt. The person is wearing a choker necklace with small white vertical beads on it. They are wearing winged black eyeliner. You also see that they are wearing a silver stud in their lip piercing under the center of their bottom lip.

Talia K. Wright

(Altar Building Workshop + Divine Short Film)


Talia K. Wright (they/she) was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. They are a poetry/prose writer and 2019 Pink Door Fellow. Their work is informed by blackness, the great migration, and spending summer afternoons dancing under their grandparents’ Mulberry tree. Talia spends most of their time bookselling, hanging out with other people’s pets, practicing textile art, and generally being a Virgo.

A brown-skinned black person with their hair braided back is looking straight ahead at you with an inviting look on their face. They are leaning back on a counter and their arms are extended out to the sides with their hands resting on the counter. There are shelves on the wall behind them filled with jars of herbs and bottles of oils. In front of them you can see a green plant peeking out, slightly blocking part of their left arm. The person is wearing a cropped white tank top and light beige pants. You can see a tattoo on the front of their right shoulder that wraps onto their collar bone. The tattoo is a string of text in black ink that’s not readable. The person’s chin is tilted slightly upward and they are wearing big dangly matching metal earrings with stacked shapes. The top part of the earring is a small flat circle, under that is a flat oval shape that has a face etched on it, and the bottom part of the earring is a line that’s curved downwards like a rainbow.

Mariah Emerson from hrblgy

(Intro to Ethical Herbology)

Mariah Emerson is a multi-hyphenate healer who’s allowing Spirit to move through her. She utilizes her spiritual gifts and nerdy interests to fuel her as an herbalist, ethnobotanist, oracle, writer, and certified sound healer. Mariah is manifesting this work with her team at Hrblgy — an apothecary and wellness initiative with a mission to bring wellness back home through personal healing, education, and community care.

Hrblgy is an apothecary and wellness brand on a mission to bring wellness back home. This mission is rooted in access, alignment, and reclamation as we cultivate space for the Collective’s conscious remembering. Here, you will find information, services, and stories around plant medicine, wellness, healing, and holistic spiritual care meant to ground you from root to crown.

A brown-skinned Black woman is looking straight ahead at you from a very close distance. The background is out of focus with brown and black colored shapes. Her natural tight curly black hair is pulled up so that it’s sitting on top of her head. She has dark brown eyes and a neutral expression on her face though giving a slight smile. There’s a freckle on her chin. She’s wearing a black tank top.

Monique Marshaun

(Divine Short Film)


Monique Marshaun is an actor and writer who was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. Monique’s work is influenced by magical realism and fairy tales, her own healing journey and discovery of Self, and the complexities of existing as a Black woman in spaces that are both threatened and enchanted by her presence. Monique is fascinated with reclaiming and embodying the whimsical and the fantastical. She intends to tell stories that center Black lives in everyday epics of love and adventure, in tales that assert Black people as their own saviors as they embody their innate magic and holiness.

An illustration of a brown skinned angel with curly dark hair, sitting on one of the fluffy white clouds.

Front Porch Oracles

(Divine Short Film)


The Front Porch Oracles is a performance duo dedicated to staging stories that honor our cultures and histories with integrity, equity, and love. They aim to transform our relationship with performance to one of healing, in a place where we take care of ourselves, our actors, and our audiences. They see our untapped potential in everything that we do and commit themselves to unleashing our collective magic. 

Kenyetta Johnson

(Divine Short Film)


Kenyetta Johnson is a Freelance Creative Producer and Writer with a passion for storytelling! As a black, bisexual woman from the southside of Chicago, she believes it is crucial to tell the stories of the people often forgotten by mainstream and popular media. Currently, she is one of the Creative Producers for the MANIFOLD Docuseries, a series that explores the stories of Black LGBTQ+ folks across Chicago. Kenyetta’s overall goal is to make content that matters to her community and to help those around her meet their full potential, both creatively and personally.

An illustration of a brown skinned angel with curly dark hair, sitting on one of the fluffy white clouds stands in for an artist photo.

Sommer Arielle Rodriguez

(Divine Short Film)


Bio coming soon

Dev Michael

(Divine Short Film)


Dev is a Chicago based educator and a writer. Coming from a religious (ish) family, they aim to explore and create their own traditions as they explore their own spirituality. Dev’s writing is often inspired by understanding their own identity and its unique intersectionalities, their complicated relationship with religion and spirituality, the relationship they have to their small Midwestern hometown, and their relationship with the city of Chicago. Their work often explores themes of mindfulness, existentialism, queerness, and mental health.

An illustration of a light skinned angel with curly dark hair, flying next to one of the fluffy white clouds.

Zola Chatman

(Divine Short Film)


Bio Coming Soon

An illustration of a brown skinned angel with curly dark hair, sitting on one of the fluffy white clouds.