Divine Monday

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MONDAY 10/26/20

Community Prayer List

During their Hot Wheelz residency DIVINE released a community prayer (manifestation, intentions, spiritual needs) list where community members can add any needs, wants, desires they want other community members and spirit/energy workers to aid in prayer, manifesting, and intention setting. This List will continue to be updated as needs are inputted. 


Discussing Divinity with Tati Rodriguez

Discussing Divinity is a series where DIVINE brings in guests to talk about their own experiences, relationships, and perspectives with divinity and religion. These discussions are intended to be exploratory and delve into nuanced relationships regarding spirituality, healing, religion, magik, and churches. Our guest for this addition of Discussing Divinity is Tati Rodriguez. Tati Rodriguez, creatively known as Honeyshot, is a queer, Afro-Latina storyteller from Chicago. Her professional background includes creative writing, entertainment communication, editorial, and publishing. She’s insatiable, observant, always soaking it in.

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