Floating on the page there are illustrated fluffy white clouds with grey spots.


Altar Building Workshop

with Talia K. Wright


Altar building is as much a ritual as any ritual that takes place on it. Watch as Talia K. Wright leads Ry Douglas through setting up their first altar, step by step. 

Manifesto Writing Workshop

with Jasmine Barber

A brown-skinned Black person with long dark green braids is in a dimly lit room. The area behind them is out of focus so you can only see what appears to be a brown wall and maybe a window up top. You are so close to them that you can only see their face and they have a neutral expression. The person is looking up and off to the side so that only the side of their face is visible. There’s a soft light reflecting off of their lips, cheek, and eyebrow bone. They are wearing a small nose ring and a large hoop earring.

Poet Jasmine Barber lead participants through a 90-minute writing ritual where they discuss and practice creative manifesto writing. Follow them on instagram to see if they are hosting any more workshops in the future.

Tuesday, 10/27


Thursday, 10/29