You never leave the house without your make-up, hair, nails, and botox done. Everything is pink, everything is fun, and everything has boobs. BIMBO, a brand new piece from Hot Kitchen Collective, is an exploration of that person. Made in a series of video vignettes released daily, BIMBO pays homage to the bimbos who make their femininity known to the world, and explore how this archetype is worn and performed on different bodies.

Audrey Polinski - Director, Hot Kitchen co-founder

Audrey Polinski is a director, producer, performer and a huge bimbo. She is a founding member of Hot Kitchen and loves to make work that’s really, really stupid. Follow her on Instagram to see what she’s up to and look at pictures of her pet birds: @trymyfamouscornsalad. 

Justin Lynk, Director of Photography

Justin Lynk is a Midwest based Cinematographer & photographer. You can see more of his work on Instagram @jlynk or on his website at justinlynk.com.

Alex Hovi, Performer, Hot Kitchen co-founder

 Alex Hovi is a Chicago based performer, deviser, and celebrity (@alexhovi), as well as a founding member of Hot Kitchen. He is currently spending his summer being single, please dm him if interested!

Jasmine Henri Jordan, Performer, Hot Kitchen co-founder

Jasmine Henri Jordan is a writer, performer, and educator. She is a Neo- Futurists ensemble member, Playmakers Lab company member, and Hot Kitchen Collective founding member. @livelaughblood on social media. https://msha.ke/livelaughblood/

Jiana Estes, Performer, Hot Kitchen co-founder

Jiana is a bimbo. She’s also a writer, director, and founding member of Hot Kitchen. check out Her new show WATERSPORTS will debut in August. Follow her for more on Instagram @jianaestes. 

Katelyn Douglass, Performer, Hot Kitchen co-founder

Katelyn likes to make stuff with her friends and lover(s). She also happens to have the best dog in the world, her name is Joni. 

Wade Howard, Performer, Hot Kitchen co-founder

Wade is a performer, painter, writer, and as of recently printmaker who loves to make whatever feels fun in the moment. When he is not making art, he is either playing DnD or hanging with his partner and dog while watching reality tv. 

Andy Slavin, Performer

Andy Slavin is a movement artist based in Chicago, IL. They have worked with choreographers Emma Draves, Kristina Isabelle, Ginger Farley, Hannah Santistevan, Darling Shear, and Karen Yatsko among others in addition to collaborating with Hot Kitchen Collective and director Dani Wieder. They have presented choreographic work at Rebirth Gallery, Outerspace, Salonathaon, The Fly Honey Show, The Grelley Duvall Show, Dovetail Studio, 13 Love Songs, The Den, Manifest Arts Festival, and Prp Thtr. You can donate to Andy’s favorite abolitionist organization Black + Pink Chicago here: https://www.patreon.com/bp_chicago_reentry

Carly Wicks, Performer

Carly Wicks is a physical comic and a teaching artist with Playmakers Lab.  Occasionally she djs under the persona of DJ BBQ Dad. She is also a wizard on a quest to visit all 226 Dunkin Donuts locations in Chicago. Find her @dndchicago or @dawicks on insta. 

Claudia Castillo, Performer

Claudia Castillo is trying her best. Follow her on Instagram: @beetboi.

Ida Cuttler, Performer

Ida is a  playful performer & writer  & weirdo from San Francisco, California based in  Chicago, Illinois. She is a loyal company member of  The Chicago Neo- Futurists and a proud ensemble member of Playmakers Laboratory Theater. Since 2014, she has written for and performed in Chicago’s beloved and longest running show The Infinite Wrench and her solo show show Comfortable Shoes saw a six week run at The Neofuturist Theater in the Fall of 2019 and was a recommended critics pick by the Chicago Reader. Currently, she is working on a new performance entitled WILDCATS which will premiere at the Neofuturists spring of 2022.  Follow her on instagram @idacutt.

Kori Whitby, Performer

Kori is just happy to be here! Follow her on instagram: @going2puke.