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From September 28 – October 2 LVL3 presented the LVL3 Hot Wheelz Residency featuring work and performances by Wanbli Gamache and Yvonne martinez. For the residency Gamache and Martinez created digital public interactions that evaluated our relationship to our socio-digital-selves. At a time where physical connection had been placed on hold, Gamache and Martinez provided tender company.

Wanbli Gamache Performance


CW: Explicit Sexual Content

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First section of video filmed by Dabin Ahn

Gamache examines intimacy and voyeurism through her performances which engage digital mediums and physical props. By fabricating erotic fantasies, she mirrors her personal experiences with pornography and online sex work as a transwoman.  On Friday Gamache will present a prerecorded and live streamed performance for Hot Wheelz, using 3D printed prosthetics and carefully choreographed audience participation. Video documentation will be archived through the Hot Wheelz archive so the performance lives on past its initial activation.

This series took place 9/28-9/30, 
To watch more Punch Stream in the future follow Yvonne Martinez on Twitch

Keep submitting! This is an ongoing project.

In Punch Stream, Martinez has developed a drawing tool which is used by her viewers to create imagery that she then prints using her knitting machine. Her work relies on the digital participation of its viewers to directly translate images that resemble 8-bit drawings, pixel for pixel. The process of printing the design on the knitting machine is then streamed on twitch, adding another layer of feedback and participation within the work.

“Punch Stream is a project born out of a desire to collaborate with people digitally. This is the third iteration of the project, where I’m inviting you to collaborate with me either through my website or through the mail. All submissions will be accepted, and there is no prompt. Feel free to express yourself in any way. I will then compile submissions and knit them the week of September 28th. You can tune in and watch me work LIVE on the Hot Wheelz website.” – Yvonne Martinez


To submit on my website:

  1. Use a desktop computer for best results
  2. Go to
  3. Use your mouse to draw an image, text, design, anything in the grid. It does not need to fill the whole space!
  4. Add your information and press submit
  5. Tune in to my future Twitch streams to see your design get knit live!

To submit via the mail:

  1. Compose your submission in any way. (Graph paper can be helpful to plot out a design suitable for the knitting machine.) The only limitation is that it’ll need to fit into an envelope.
  2. Mail your submission to: 

Yvonne Martinez
3415 W Diversey Ave #232
Chicago, IL 60647

3. Tune in to my future Twitch streams to see your design get knit live!

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Wanbli Gamache
Yvonne Martinez